LogicalOne 4-Piece Tour Golf Ball NOW AVAILABLE in the shop!

LogicalOne is proud to now offer a tour performance golf ball! After assessing the data from the introduction of the LogicalOne L1T 3-piece golf ball in 2021, we decided to take it to the next level and produce a higher performing golf ball!

-4-Piece Tour Performance
-Soft Urethane Cover
-Special Titanium Additive Core
-332 Symmetrical Dimples
-Optimal Spin
-Superb Distance
-Excellent Durability

#LogicalOne #L1T…NOW ON SALE!!!

LogicalOne has partnered with Kerichem/Trust, a premium golf ball manufacturer who has been supplying golf ball core and cover technologies to nearly all the world’s major golf ball manufacturers for the past 25 years, to bring you the LogicalOne L1T golf ball!  

This is a limited initial production run, where all of our golf ball funding went toward the golf ball itself, so there is no sleeve, no box or even an alignment line.  Nothing that is really unnecessary to bring you a great performance golf ball at a great price, which are being sold individually!  

LogicalOne L1T Specifics:  

  • 3 Piece Urethane Covered Performance Golf Ball
  • Low-Mid Compression
  • 332 Dimples
  • Mid-High Spin

 ‘Trust’ the LogicalOne L1T golf ball and #GetL1T !