Multi-Winning State Champion Review

Sometimes you get things that you just have to share and this is one of those things.

For some background, I happen to have some friends who grew up in the same small town that I did, who also happen to be good golfers. Really good golfers. As in multiple SDGA titles.

I don’t ever try to ‘push’ my equipment onto people. That’s not me and I’m definitely not a salesperson. Sometimes I’ll ask one of those previously mentioned friends if they’d care to test some prototypes for me, but again, I don’t try and ‘push’ my equipment onto them. I know that if they have an interest in seeing if my equipment is something that could possibly go into their bags, they’ll reach out. And one of them did.

Chris Long, who is one of those golf friends from my hometown, reached out and indicated he wanted to demo some equipment. Now, Chris has always been a supporter and advocate of LogicalOne Golf, which I’ve greatly appreciated ??, but him reaching out to demo equipment to possibly go in his bag got my heart racing a bit. Take a look at his resume below and you might understand why. ?


•2022 Pre Senior
•2019 Pre-Senior
•2015 Mid Am Two Man (Galen ‘Duff’ Vavra-one of the other golf friend from my hometown)
•2013 Mid Am
•2011 Mid Am
•2011 Mixed Team (Shannon Johnson)
•2010 Amateur

Additional Achievements

•2019 SD Mens Player of the Year
•8 time Runner Up

So yeah, I excitedly got to building what he wanted, working with Chris on details and specs. Below are the very thorough, detailed and honest results based off of Chris’ demoing.

Review LogicalOne:

Kelly is from my hometown and I’ve known him a long time. As a golf equipment aficionado (ok junky) I was excited to get a chance to check out his new gear from LogicalOne golf. I’m not your average equipment tinkerer though, I have a 2008 Cobra driver, so it has to be something I really like and trust to make it into my bag, So, here’s my first attempt at a review, although there are several name brand equipment that I’ve tried that I would have like to have given a review.. Here’s my $.02.

L1.X irons: FST 125 shaft: Sharp looking muscleback blade with a traditional thin top line. Great look at setup but admittedly a little bit intimidating after playing Srixon ZX5/ZX7 combo set the past two years. Started with the 8 iron and immediately received great feedback from the iron. Was more forgiving than I thought it would be and distance was shorter, but very comparable to the Srixon and the L1.XC LogicalOne irons. The 5 iron looked like a butter knife but was absolutely money. Great distance and piercing ball flight. Feel was very solid for both the 5 and 8 irons. Sounds was a bit muted compared to the Srixon and L1.XC, but was very pleasing considering mishits didn’t sound alot different. You knew immediately the quality of strike. These would not intimidate me one bit to put into play but as I’m getting older and more demons, a bit more forgiving look is probably what I would opt for. That being said, as good of a response from a blade/muscle back that I can recall and I was a long time Mizuno MP-14 gamer.

L1.XC irons: KCB Tour, C Taper – 130 X: Great look at address. Larger top line with wider sole than the L1.X. Ball flight was just as piercing as the L1.X but with a little more height, Was forgiving despite a face that is shorter than the Srixon ZX5/ZX7. Actually, when going back to the Srixon they seemed a bit bulky. The feel was still present in the strikes with the L1.XC and, in my opinion, had a little more traditional sound at impact than the L1.X. I felt that I could feel the head of the club a bit more with the L1.XC irons a bit more. I’m not sure if there is a difference or if it was because of the head/shaft combination, but I preferred the weighting to the L1.X irons. The L1.XC could go in the bag tomorrow…and just might.

Neuro Tour Fairway (3 Wood): Great, clean, matte black finish. Reminded me right away of some past PING fairway metals, with what looked like a closed face bias to it. First shot was absolutely striped and the ball jumped off the face. Great feel and response and was almost dead straight. Then comes the sound. I haven’t heard a sound like that since I was hitting persimmon woods. Very muted sound, which I thought was very appealing especially since the feel resonated the strike. I did hit a few that were not struck as well. The forgiveness was optimal in that none were nosediving left or flailing high right. I think this is a bit shorter than my current 3-wood gamer but is more forgiving and produces more spin making it a great potential addition to the bag. Great looking club.

LogicalOne 3 Putter: Tradition Ping Anser/Newport 2 putter. Great look with contrasting black and silver insert. Was lighter than I expected as it came with top notch white LogicalOne headcover and oversized white LogicalOne grip. This is a good-looking putter. Alignment with the black line transitioning to white was a nice touch and easy to align setup. Way lighter than I expected and thought that may be a negative for me. Actually the opposite was true. Ball comes off the face at a nice speed. Can stroke the putt and still get a great roll with the light weight. Looks as though you can adjust the weight, which I may do, but not by much. I felt able to start the ball online and judge speed very well considering it was significantly lighter than my current gamer.

Conclusion: LogicalOne has some great gear. The feel, distance and performance of the irons was surprising at first but the more swings I took the more I could determine that this equipment is as good as any….anywhere. That combined with Kelly’s passion and willingness to work with his customers makes LogicalOne a great choice. I have yet to check into his other products, but I will be soon and you will see LogicalOne in my bag soon.

Chris Long

Needless to say, I am very humbled by his review. This review means a lot to me, coming from Chris.

And oh, keep an eye out on Chris, he’s not done winning yet!

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We are super excited to release the LogicalOne Golf L1.XC forged irons!

Starting with the forged, 1020 carbon steel body, our goal was to create a forgiving and amazing feeling cavity-back iron (milled) that had weight adjustment flexibility, a bit of forgiveness and produces a lot of ball speed off of the maraging steel face.

The initial response thus far has been tremendous and that’s from amateur golfers and Tour players!

Experience the difference for yourself!

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