LogicalOne NEURO.X TOUR BOOM DRIVER (Heads Only)

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DESIGN. QUALITY. PERFORMANCE.  This is what we put into every LogicalOne product and the LogicalOne NEURO.X TOUR BOOM DRIVER head is a perfect example of that!

The LogicalOne NEURO.X TOUR BOOM DRIVER shares the same titanium body and finely crafted, lightweight carbon fiber crown as the NEURO.X TOUR DRIVER, using only premium materials, but comes in at 8 grams heavier, which screams even MORE distance, along with plenty of forgiveness and feel, of course.  Speaking of forgiveness, the energy transfer groove aids in making sure you have that ultimate forgiveness without a loss of distance.  We then have weight adjustability to allow for moving weight around to where you need it the most and how much you need (two 8 gram weights up front and one 2 gram weight in back are standard, but also comes with 4 gram, 6 gram and 10 gram weights as well).  Oh, we can’t forget about the kick-ass headcover to top things off!  Experience the design, quality and performance of the LogicalOne NEURO.X TOUR BOOM DRIVER for yourself!

  • 9.5° loft adjustable / 58° lie angle / neutral face angle / 206 gram head weight



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